Vegetarian dating sites uk

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Vegetarian dating sites uk

I've retired once already and now I'm focusing my energy on what I want to do in life - working on home improvements, teaching international relations at the CC, and energy healing modalities.

The practice of healing arts, meditation, yoga, and exercise are important to me.

I now have to stop for red lights instead of using them as a suggestion. I do love the arts though so I am incredibly glad to have the option of going to a play, the symphony or a museum.

I have lived a very full life-I'm very blessed to be able to continually accept evolution.

I have 'worked on myself' over the years and I am grounded, balanced, and know who I am.

Forests, quiet coastlines, deserts, hot springs, streams and waterfalls, modern progressive cities, I love to explore off the 'beaten path'.It’s easy to be in a relationship when everything is easy and fun but it takes someone special to partner with you in all seasons of life.My mantra in life is: Live fully, Love deeply, and make a difference everyday. Anything from rock, to jazz, to classical (which is what I'm listening to as I type this), mostly older music is what I enjoy. I try to keep up somewhat with what's going on in the world.And so is my family - my daughter is planning her wedding for next fall and my son still lives with me but is leaving soon to start a new career.I also love to take in a concert or symphony, see the latest movie, and go out to dinner.

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I have lived in every corner of the USA by choice to attain experience, and to fulfill a human responsibility to see & do all with love.