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Tral liquidating

(vii) To purchase consumer durabe such as TV, VCR/VCP, Washing Machine, Cooking range, geyser, Computer, an advance not exceeding three months` pay or half the amount standing to his credit in the Fund, whichever is less.

(viii) to meet the cost of legal proceedings instituted by or against the subscriber or any member of his family or any person actually dependent upon him as also to meet the cost of the subscribers defence where he engages a legal practitioner to defend himself in any enquiry in respect of any alleged official misconduct on his part, an advance not exceeding three months pay or half the amount standing to his credit in the Fund, whichever is less. - An advance for the construction or a house or flat will be granted only on sub- mission of a plan duly approved by the local municipal body of the area where the house is proposed for construction.

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But marriage or education of different children or illness on different occasions or further addition or alteration to a house or flat covered by a fresh plan duly approved by the local municipal body of the area, where the house or fiat is situated shall not be treated as the same purpose. -A sanction to an advance/withdrawal shall, unless it is specifically renewed, lapse on the expiry of a period of three months.

As an exception, a withdrawal which is effected in instalments shall remain valid up to a particular date to be specified by the sanctioning authority in the sanction order itself.

This means that the site will not run as smoothly/quickly as possible and could result in certain functionality not working as designed. 500/- whichever is less may be made by the authority specified in Rule 922 to meet funeral and incidental expenses of the subscriber or other immediate requirements of the family of the deceased subscriber if it is certified that the amount advanced can be recovered at the time of the payment of the fund money or otherwise.The advance should, as far as possible, be granted to the person persons eligible to receive the Provident Fund money in terms of Rule 943 and should be limited to the share of the person concerned.(d) under (v), three months' emoluments or in special cases, relaxable upto six months' emoluments by the sanctioning authority or half the amount standing to the credit of the subscriber, whichever is less. -In special cases, the sanctioning authority may relax, the limit at (c) above but in no case should more than 10 months' emoluments be sanctioned provided further that advance for the marriage of a male should in no case exceed 6 months' emoluments.-In the case of subscribers to the Provident Fund where the balance in the Provident Fund account, consisting of his own contribution and an interest thereon, does not exceed, Rs.

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