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Most of the series retains this episodic formula, forgoing an over-arching storyline in favor of more character-driven action, although there are several recurring antagonists throughout, as well as some longer story arcs towards the end of the series.Although Shou and Okano created their universe of Nūbē as its own separate world, they were highly influenced by the works of several other authors, anime and mangaka in one way or another.No, she was there to take revenge, by targeting something that Dean holds close. Despite the tags on this fic, much of this story will be a romance starring Geordie and Sidney (true to their canon lol), and will feature some good ol' requited love with sexual tension sprinkled on top.

However, he was proven wrong one day when she appeared before his car, but she was not there to be friendly. The most dangerous things he encounters are paper cuts and deadlines. At least buy me dinner first.' **EDIT** Updates every OTHER Monday.

The anime resulted in three movies and three OVA episodes.

A spinoff story for Izuna Hazuki the itako-girl, Izuna the Spiritual Medium (霊媒師いずな), has been running in Oh, Super Jump since July 2007. More than a teacher, however, he is a skilled exorcist, protecting the town of Dōmori from supernatural threats with strength borrowed from a powerful demon sealed in his left hand—a technique he calls the Demon's Hand The basic formula for the manga chapters and anime episodes is as follows: what seems like a normal day at Dōmori Elementary is disrupted by some weird phenomenon, usually targeting one of Nūbē's own students.

The series ran for 276 chapters (not including the two pilot chapters where Nūbē was known as Nubo (ぬ~ぼ~ Nūbō)) from Issue 38, 1993 through Issue 24, 1999.

A 48-episode anime series based on the manga was created by Toei Animation, and aired from 1996–1997 on Animax and TV Asahi.

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A guardian angel she didn't know about and sent her gifts on a regular basis. After the incident at the warehouse, Stiles is fed up with Scott.