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DISCONTINUED Future updates to be posted as 'A Windsor at Hogwarts' by Jay Colin on Archive of Our Own.SLASH Bill/Harry/Charlie The sequel to 'Package Deal'.A Royal At Hogwarts: This version of the story has been discontinued, but a version featuring the real royals can be viewed on AO3 and is still being updated.Pictures for it can be viewed on my Yahoo Group and on the Wiki. Through a series of emails from an online dating site, Harry thinks he's found his perfect match.Later, their relationship grows, as they help Harry overcome his distress.SLASH Clark/Oliver - The detonator broke, so Clark decides to go in and manually set off the charges to blow the Ridge Facility.

Knights of the Founders: Pictures of the original characters and others I've chosen to post pictures of can be viewed on my Yahoo Group and on the Wiki.However, an accident involving black kryptonite causes two Clarks to leave the facility. SLASH Clark/Oliver - Clark and Oliver have been secretly dating since Clark's summer in Metropolis.Now with his senior prom fast approaching, Clark thinks it's time they make their relationship public. SLASH Harry/Cedric - Cedric survived the graveyard and started dating Harry.A year after the afternoon at Grimmauld Place, Harry, Bill, and Charlie are successfully navigating their unconventional three-way relationship, of course they still haven't told their friends or family just how close they've gotten... SLASH Charlie/Draco/Harry - Written for classy78 on LJ.Charlie helps Draco overcome his emotional distress and they fall in love.

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