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One tree hill 7x11 online dating

Spencer confronts her mother about keeping family secrets.

Aria confides in Holden about her relationship with Ezra, while Spencer turns to Detective Furey for help.

Bedlam (air date: 2016-06-28) The PLLs worry Ali is being tortured by “Uber A” and turn to a potential enemy for help in “Bedlam,” With the fallout of Hanna’s abduction still weighing heavily on the PLLs, the Liars begin to grow suspicious of Elliott Rollins as Ali’s condition worsens.

Ezra gets a call about someone in his past that could change his course.

In order to protect Alison from Uber A’s threats, the PLLs snap into action at a chance to rescue her from the hospital.

However, in doing so, they make a deadly mistake that changes everything.

Mona intervenes with the cover-up plan, for better or worse.

Along Comes Mary (air date: 2016-07-19) Jenna returns to Rosewood and befriends another one of the Liars’ enemies, making her the PLLs’ number one suspect for Uber A.

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Ali learns that the Liars gave her up as Charlotte’s killer in order to free Hanna, which does not go over well.