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Graham Norton calls Arlene 'the Captain Hook of Dance' and she can make Simon Cowell look positively diplomatic.

She has a talent for brutal putdowns such as 'You're about as hot as a frozen pizza', and once said of Fiona Phillips, 'she hasn't got one naturally moving bone in her body'.

'I've found this support so overwhelming that I changed my mind and decided to do the Strictly tour after all, as a way of saying thank you to everyone - the fans, the public and the media.

Even Kelly Brook is tucking in, along with actress Natalie Cassidy, while The Bill's Ali Bastian and Brian Fortuna, now both romantic and dancing partners, drape their arms around each other.

In the weeks that followed, I felt as if the rug had been pulled from beneath my feet - all I could do was to focus on work.' It's only with some distance between last summer's turbulent events that Arlene has been able to look the disaster, and the aftermath, in the eye.

'My sister kept telling me about this incredible response and what was going on, but I couldn't bring myself to read the letters or the emails as it was too close to home,' she explains.

'I directed the very first Strictly tour and there's so much of me in the show.

So when Paul Roberts of Phil Mc Intyre/ Stage Entertainment, the company that produces the tour, asked me this time last year to do it, I agreed - without thinking what may happen in the interim.'After the events of last summer, I'd decided not to do it.

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