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It's just that those perpetrating the scams are highly visible and do a LOT of volume.

In addition to addressing Russian dating scams, let me also mention "non-scams"...

Avoiding Russian Women Scams is my best one-page guide on how to avoid being scammed.

If you found my site by Googling something like "Russian dating scams", this is the one page you must read, learn, and live!!! It also constitutes 90% of the advice I'm going to give if you seek my advice about a specific scam situation.

The same set of photos is often used under many names, or the same name can be used with different photos.

To those outside Russia/Ukraine it might appear that Russian dating scams are EVERYWHERE!

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"She" may not even be a woman, could be using stolen pictures, posting them on an online profile, and entering into a fake email dialog, and eventually will try to con her victims into wiring her cash for some urgent need, or for her travel expenses to come see you.

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