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During these rainy seasons, being single is more fun than any other imaginable situation.

You meet several hot dating prospects within a couple of weeks and have to juggle a bunch of guys at once.

Each participant is given a numbered nametag and a scorecard.Everyone’s Y’s and N’s are calculated, and if you “match” with a guy – meaning you said yes to him and he said yes to you, you receive each other’s email addresses. The Hurry Date event was held on a Tuesday night at an upscale lounge.The lighting was dim, the music low, and the drinks stiff.“Even if you don’t meet your soul-mate, it’s just good to see single men out there who are looking for nice women to date,” says Marissa, a 26-year-old systems analyst, whose friends dragged her out speed-dating a couple of months after a bad break-up.“It was great getting some compliments and appreciative glances from a bunch of guys.

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Here’s how it works: you sign up via website for a particular speed-dating company’s event.

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  1. Protože nám ji dal také ve zvukové podobě, můžete si ji v autorově podání dokonce i poslechnout. Je dobré si připomínat, že v klíčových chvílích našich národních dějin šly obvykle malicherné spory stranou a dokázali jsme se naopak postavit nebezpečí jako jeden muž a/či žena. Právě o to se dnes mnozí v našem okolí i u nás doma usilovně snaží.

  2. He had started a new account and messaged me:so to be clear, I told him to leave me alone, and he told me he was going to find me on Facebook. I reached out to POF, both through a report on the site and a Twitter DM, because when I had made my original thread about them they had DMed me.