Definition relative dating biology

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Definition relative dating biology

B.1 Model the components of a DNA nucleotide and an RNA nucleotide. B.2 Describe the Watson-Crick double helix model of DNA, using the base-pairing rule (adenine-thymine, cytosine-guanine). B.3 Compare and contrast the structure and function of DNA and RNA. B.4 Describe and model the processes of replication, transcription, and translation. B.5 Compare and contrast the different types of mutation events, including point mutation, frameshift mutation, deletion, and inversion. B.6 Identify effects of changes brought about by mutations (beneficial, harmful, & neutral). B.1 Describe the structure and function of nucleic acids found in living systems. B.6 Relate the chromosome theory of heredity to recent findings in genetic research (e.g., Human Genome Project-HGP, chromosome therapy).Daily Openers: Openers Power Points: DNA & Replication ppt Q’s Protein Synthesis ppt Q’s DNA Technology ppt Q’s DNA Structure Nucleic Acid Vocabulary Review Worksheets: DNA RNA Protein Synthesis DNA & Protein Synthesis Nucleic Acid Vocabulary Protein Synthesis vocabulary Nucleic Acids Coloring Codon Worksheet How to make a Protein Nucleic Acid puzzle Protein Synthesis puzzle Biotechnology puzzle DNA, RNA, Proteins Review Games: Nucleic Acids Jeopardy Labs: Isolate & Spool DNA Strawberry DNA Write Up DNA Code for Insulin Who Ate the Cheese?!? Codon Bingo Revised Pasta DNA Modeling DNA Replication SNORK DNA Building DNA Animations: Griffith Experiment Quizzes: DNA Nucleic Acids Protein Synthesis Ecology & Behavioral Relationships Standard 8: Students shall demonstrate an understanding of ecological and behavioral relationships among organisms.Standard 12: Students shall demonstrate an understanding of current life science theories.Standard 13: Students shall use mathematics, science equipment, and technology as tools to communicate and solve life science problems Standard 14: Students shall describe the connections between pure and applied science Standard 15: Students shall describe various life science careers and the training required for the selected career NS.10.B.1 Research and evaluate science careers using the following criteria: educational requirements salary availability of jobs working conditions Daily Openers: Openers Power Points: Introduction to Biology PPT WKSHT Characteristics of Life CHARACTERISTICS PPT WKSHT Lab Safety SAFETY PPT WKSHT Handout: MRS NERG Scientific Method Laws, Theories, & Hypotheses WORKSHEETS: Characteristics of Life Science of Life Chapter Wksht Safety Worksheet Microscope Coloring Graphing Skills Sponge Bob Science Variables Variables Practice Introduction to Biology Crossword Safety & Equipment Crossword Intro to Life Review LABS: DEMO – Sewer Lice Metric Measurement lab Homeostasis of the Eye Identifying Controls & variables Get the Picture!Sponge Bob Safety Rules Volume of an Irregularly shaped Object Science of Popcorn Dirty Diapers Growing Gators PROJECT/LABS: Careers in Biology Biology Brochure Careers Vitruvian Man Problem Solving – Construct 5 Squares Practice Quiz: Introduction to Biology Stan MC.1.B.3 Identify sources of bias that could affect experimental outcome NS.11.

B.7 Compare and contrast primary succession with secondary succession. B.8 Identify the properties of each of the five levels of ecology: organism population community ecosystem biosphere EBR.9.Daily Openers: Openers Power Point: Photosynthesis Reactions ppt questions Handouts: Chloroplast Worksheets: Photosynthesis Photosynthesis Vocabulary Chemiosmosis in Chloroplasts Coloring Photosynthesis puzzle Photosynthesis Review Games: Photosynthesis Jeopardy Labs: Chromatography lab Ink Chromatography Do Plants Use or consume CO2?Modeling Photosynthesis & Respiration Molecules CO2 Use in Elodea Photosynthetic Production of Starch Quizzes: Photosynthesis Quiz MC.3.B.6 Compare and contrast the functions of autotrophs and heterotrophs MC.3.B.1 Compare and contrast the structure and function of mitochondria and chloroplasts. B.4 Describe and model the conversion of light energy to chemical energy by photosynthetic organisms (light dependent & independent reactions). B.5 Compare and contrast cellular respiration and photosynthesis as energy conversion pathways.

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